Michela Murgia

Born in Sardinia in 1972, Michela Murgia is a versatile writer who has experimented with different genres since the beginning of her career. Most of her writing shows a recurrent interest in women's issues. Her first work, Il mondo deve sapere (2006), a tragicomic account of a young woman caught in the pitfalls of casual work, was turned into a play with the same title and subsequently inspired the successful film by Paolo Virzì, Tutta la vita davanti (2008). In 2008 Murgia published a guide to her native island, Viaggio in Sardegna. Her 2009-novel Accabadora received public acclaim and earned her the prestigious Campiello Prize in 2010, the Molinello Award for First Fiction, the Mondello International Literary Prize and other awards. The novel has been translated into French, German, Catalan and English.

As a writer publicly engaged in the struggle against female objectification and women's exclusion from power, culture and politics in Italian society, in 2011 Murgia tackled most of these topics in a non-fictional text, Ave Mary. This essay investigates how, over the last 20 centuries, Catholic culture has systematically belittled the role of women in society by offering them an unachievable female model in the figure of the Virgin Mary, whose celestial perfection creates a sense of frustration and lack of self-esteem in every woman attempting to aspire to it.

A number of her short stories have been published in various anthologies.

Extract from the article by Aureliana Di Rollo on the website of The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Women's Writing, Institute of Modern Languages Research, University of London. Published here with the author's consent. Original article accessed on 27th July 2015.




2006 - Il mondo deve sapere: Romanzo tragicomico di una telefonista precaria

2009 - Accabadora - Accabadora, translated by Sylvester Mazzarella (2011) - Maria, the fourth child of a widow, is adopted by the old and childless woman. The child finally receives the love and affection she craves but her new 'soul mother' is keeping something hidden from her, a secret life that is intimately bound up with Sardinia's ancient traditions and customs.

2012 - L'Incontro


2008 - Viaggio in Sardegna : Undici percorsi nell'isola che non si vede

2011 - Ave Mary


Michela Murgia writes a blog (www.michelamurgia.com) on cultural and political issues and can be found on Twitter and Facebook,

Michela Murgia Michela Murgia